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  From his earliest days, S.D. has always showed a strong passion for desserts. After meals, he skipped around endlessly in the kitchen,
  rummaging in the fridge & cupboards in order to finally harmonize fruits, ice creams, creams, chocolate and other sweets.

  Directed by famous world champions of desserts, he improved his art at l'Ecole Le Nôtre in Paris,
  where he specialized in the technology of ice creams and sorbets.

  Since then, S.D. has embarked on the creation of iced sweetnesses, skillfully playing with tastes, matching them together in ever unexpected ways.
  “(…) Flavours are just like musical notes. As with a musical instrument, we can harmonize them in order to create a melody in the mouth
  that can be either extravagant, melancholy or delightful (…)”

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